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Jane Stickle

Jane A Blakley (Stickle) (04/08/1817-03/02/1896)
  • Spouse: Walter P Stickle (08/15/1814-02/19/1883)
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    1. Father: Erastus (Esarta Blkakley) Blakley (1786 - 1831) B:NY, D:Shaftsbury, Vermont (Age 45)
    2. Mother: (Sally) Sarah Rein (Blakley) (1781 - 17 Mar 1869) B:Southington, CT, D:Shaftsbury, Vermont, (Age 88) Daughter of Abiethar Rein and Mary Unknown (Rein))
  • Siblings
    1. Sister: Sarah Ann Blakley (1804 - ?)
    2. Sister: Caroline Blakely (1807 - 30 Apr 1823) D:Shaftsbury, Vermont (Age 16)
    3. Sister: Emily Blakely (1809 - 27 Feb 1823) D:Shaftsbury, Vermont (Age 14)
    4. Brother: Erastus M (Blakeslee) Blakley (16 Apr 1820 - 23 Mar 1878) B&D:Shaftsbury, Vermont, Married (Hattie) Harriet S Bentley before 1860 and they had 5 children)
Jane's Personal Information
Born in Shaftsbury, Vermont (VT), USA on Tueday, April 8, 1817
Occupation: Farmer
Died in Shaftsbury, Vermont (VT), USA on Monday, March 2, 1896 (Age 79)
Cemetery: Center Shaftsbury Cemetery in Shaftsbury Center, Bennington Co., Vermont (VT), USA
Marriage to
    Walter P Stickle (08/15/1814-02/19/1883)
Honors & Awards: Completed her now famous quilt in 1863
Comments: Jane Stickle is famous for the quilt she made during the Civil War.

Here's some pictures of her quilt on exhibit at the Bennington Museaum (VT) - Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6, Pic 7.

Searching for additional information on the genealogy of Jane's husband "Walter Stickle".

"Jane was one of 4 daughters and 1 son of Erastus Blakely and Sally Rein. When Jane was 12, her two older sisters died. Jane was raised on a farm and married a farmer. She probably spent her days tending a kitchen garden, making candles and soap, raising cows and goats for dairy products (butter, cheese, milk), cooking and tending the home. Vermont is the leading dairy producing for New England, and maple sugar is also a big product. As Jane Stickle dated her quilt, “In War Time 1863” the Civil War is a big part of Jane’s history. “‘Pieces 5,602.’ I believe Jane Stickle planned the quilt to be as time-consuming as possible. Several Stickle relatives served in Vermont regiments, including seven sons from the family of her husband’s sister. In her small town, Jane knew all the young men who went to war.”... From Mary's Quilting Page

A picture of Jane's grave marker and other details of her life can be seen at - Find a Grave entry for Jane A Stickle
Residence History: In the 1860's, Jane is listed in the census as living by herself. Her occupation is that of farmer, and she is forty-three years old. Her husband Walter is living with his brother-in-law Erastus, perhaps a temporary arrangement in order to help with the planting or repairs to farm equipment.
Other Website Links: BellaOnline - Summary of Jane Stickle
Source: Dear Jane Quilts and
Pictures of Quilt in Bennington Museum, Benninton, VT and
Jane Crosier's Stickle's Family (permission maybe required) and
Find a Grave entry for Jane A Stickle
Submitted by (Jane) Hazel Jane Stickle (Crosier) on March 8, 2006

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