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Walter Stickle

Walter P Stickle (08/15/1814-02/19/1883)
Walter's Personal Information
Born in Unknown City/Co., New York (NY), USA on Monday, August 15, 1814
Died in Shaftsbury, Vermont (VT), USA on Monday, February 19, 1883 (Age 69)
Cemetery: Center Shaftsbury Cemetery in Shaftsbury Center, Bennington Co., Vermont (VT), USA
Marriage to
    Jane A Blakley (Stickle) (04/08/1817-03/02/1896) on Tueday, January 1, 1850 (Age 35)
- Marriage before 1850
Comments: 1850 Census - Living in Shaftsbury, Vermont with real estate work 4,000.00 dollars

1860 Census - Living in Shaftsbury, Vermont

1870 Census - Living in Shaftsbury, Vermont - Farm Labor $6000 $1500  
Residence History: In the 1860's, Jane is listed in the census as living by herself. Her occupation is that of farmer, and she is forty-three years old. Her husband Walter is living with his brother-in-law Erastus, perhaps a temporary arrangement in order to help with the planting or repairs to farm equipment.
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Source: Dear Jane Quilts and
Pictures of Quilt in Bennington Museum, Benninton, VT and
Jane Crosier's Stickle's Family (permission maybe required)
Family Lines: Walter is listed in the following family line report: Nicolaus Stickles (Amsterdam-NY)
Submitted by (Jane) Hazel Jane Stickle (Crosier) on August 25, 2010

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